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About us

Chinafinegoods is committed to selecting traditional handmade products from China. Due to the increasing cost of handmade carpets, many manufacturers have chosen to abandon the production of these products, and the carpet products we currently provide are all handmade and embroidered, which cannot be achieved by ordinary carpets. The three-dimensional color and shape are different, and it is a work of art that combines practicality and craftsmanship.

Our carpet series products are made of imported first-class fibers, combined with craftsmanship and hand-made weaving and embroidering. The fabric has strong suede softness, ensuring the comfort and elasticity of the touch to the greatest extent, and the colors are vivid and realistic, and the three-dimensional feeling is strong. Water absorption, dust prevention, anti-static and warm function!
Our carpets are divided into flower series, Christmas series, animal series, welcome speech series, etc., strictly in accordance with the international ecological textile production process requirements.